The National Space Science Agency in collaboration with Clever Play Education & Training, recently closed the ‘Create your own Space Game’ competition, which was the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

The competition specifically opened for application to Bahraini students between seven and twelve years of age. More than 40 male and female students participated and made contributions through innovative games and various skills, using modern programming styles and creating illustrative video tapes for each individual game.

The parents of the participants expressed their satisfaction with this type of activity, and played a significant role in stimulating their children, encouraging them to come up with unprecedent proposals.

First place was won by Adam Al-Nasser, second by Badr Al-Jaberi and third by Abdul Rahman Ibrahim. The winners received awards, prizes and trophies, while the rest of the participants were presented with participatory e-certificates.

The NSSA will continue to devote its efforts to achieving its objectives. A new competition in the same context will be announced in the near future through the NSSA’s website and social media platforms.

View all competition details here.