The National Space Science Agency organized a series of virtual meetings with leading companies pioneering the ground segment business and launching remote sensing satellites, to learn about latest trends in the field and gather information in preparation for initiating its project “Building and launching Earth Observation Satellite(s) and establishment of Ground Station”.

The meetings gave an overview of suppliers’ capabilities, timeline, budget estimates, resource requirements for the project for planning purposes and resource allocation.

The Ground station will allow tracking LEO and MEO satellites in earth observation and remote sensing applications, supporting a range of antenna sizes in the future.

Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO commented “NSSA is working closely with stakeholders in the Kingdom, identifying their needs, and planning to provide enhanced space-based technology services for governance and development. This project will allow to respond to national requirements through providing space information and earth observation data that serve the comprehensive development process and contribute to advancing space science and the sustainable development of the Kingdom.”

A series of virtual  was attended by high level officials and took place during the month of November and December 2020. A number of suppliers were met while others have been scheduled to take place in Q1 2021.