The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) will participate in the socially distanced seventh International Space Conference & Exhibition (ISCE), which will be held this year under the theme ‘Ushering in a new era for the Indian space sector’, from 15th September to 10th October 2020. This year’s event is distinguished by a good number of participants and principal keynote speakers despite social distancing being in place for the first time. Nearly 100 organizations from more than 30 countries, as well as over 63 scientists and keynote speakers in the space sector, will take part in the conference.

The NSSA is represented by Dr. Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri, its Chief Executive Officer, and Dr. Mohamed Jassim Al-Othman, an adviser to the organization. Commenting on the conference, Dr. Al-Aseeri said, ‘This is the second participation of NSSA in this international conference and exhibition. The significance of this event lies in its considerable importance for specialists in the field as well as those interested in space science. It gives participants the opportunity to meet with representatives from major international space agencies and companies engaged in space science. It also allows for an exchange of ideas and a review of the latest scientific technologies, which help overcome difficulties and cut financial costs. This year’s event witnessed wider participation and the introduction of more key ideas, the most important of which was a review of reconstruction of the Indian space sector. This included discussion of the components of the reconstruction and development program, such as the formation of companies belonging to the Indian Establishment for Space Sciences, drafting of legislative foundations, and Indian-Australian cooperation in space and other affairs. The conference discussed the conversion of space agencies to self-financed, independent entities, in a proposal that would ensure durability with functions being performed on an ongoing basis. This could be achieved by establishing subsidiary business companies for such agencies or converting the agencies themselves to for-profit organizations. The role of private companies in developing the space sector at an international level was also discussed’.

Dr. Al-Aseeri concluded by emphasizing the continuous interest of the NSSA in participating in various international events to promote the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to highlight national efforts in the space sector in view of its progress in sustainable development. He also praised the activities of the conference’s digital version and the proper selection of relevant topics and keynote speakers who were able to enrich the conference.

This conference is organized every other year by the Confederation of Indian Industry in cooperation with the Indian Space Research Organization. This year witnessed the participation of the French Space Agency CNES, which helped in organization of the event, in addition to a number of specialist space partners from around the world, emphasizing the growing importance of this conference and exhibition at an international level. The activities of the conference will end on 17th September, while the accompanying activities and the exhibition will continue until 10th October 2020.