As part of his keenness and continuous follow-up of the progress of the work of the Bahrain Space Team, Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Space Science Agency, and in the presence of the Director General of the UAE Space Agency, Dr. Eng. Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, and the CEO of the National Space Science Agency, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ebrahim Al-Aseeri, and a number of senior officials from both sides, met with the Bahrain Space Team, which is currently in the United Arab Emirates, to review the latest developments related to the team’s workflow. And their research projects, and to identify the challenges they face in their studies under the current circumstances to discuss ways to overcome them.

During the meeting, a number of joint projects were discussed, the most prominent achievements were identified, and a number of future projects to be implemented were discussed in a way that contributes to achieving the objectives of the memorandum of understanding concluded between the two parties, where the progress made in the project to build a joint satellite of the (3U) category, which is currently being built by the hands of the youth of the two brotherly countries, was reviewed, and the satellite will undergo during the month of March a set of technical tests to ensure its compatibility with the launch standards, and it is hoped that the satellite will be launched The subscriber to the International Space Station during the month of August and in October 2021 will be launched into space, God willing, to be the first satellite of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

On this occasion, the Minister said, “I am very proud of the enthusiasm I have seen among the youth of the Kingdom of Bahrain and their great passion for acquiring knowledge and modern sciences, and their mastery of all this knowledge and their excellence in that in record periods, and that the praises I heard today from the concerned in the UAE Space Agency are the best evidence of the good selection of team members and the success of investment in building national capabilities in the field of space.”

The Minister concluded his statement by praising the efforts made by the UAE Space Agency, noting that this is not strange to our people in the United Arab Emirates, and their keenness to make all cooperation projects with the National Space Science Authority a success, and praised the efforts of the National Space Science Agency and all members of the Bahrain Space Team in order to achieve the objectives of the Agency to raise the name of the Kingdom of Bahrain high.

For his part, NSSA CEO Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ebrahim Al-Aseeri said: “We were very pleased with this meeting, which confirms the level of care that NSSA attaches to all its employees, and their close follow-up by the highest levels, which gives them confidence and motivation to serve this dear country. We have been briefed on the distinguished and diverse achievements made by the Bahrain Space Team, which prove their worth and deserve to bear this name, and the Kingdom of Bahrain is entitled to be proud of them. All thanks and appreciation to the brothers in the UAE Space Agency for giving the Bahrain Space Team the care, sponsorship and attention that led to reaching this exceptional level for the team members in the fields of space engineering and science in a relatively record time.”

It is worth mentioning that the Bahrain Space Team was formed from a group of engineers and technicians from Bahrain’s young men and women in 2018, and they were selected according to a precise mechanism prepared by specialized scientists in the field of space from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.