NSSA implements a series of workshops and seminars for stakeholders

In order to enhance the concepts and applications of space science, technology and applications, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, this did not hinder the march of the National Space Science Agency in achieving its strategic objectives of building national capacities and advancing space science in the Kingdom by spreading awareness, developing advanced research programs and promoting innovation to keep pace with the development witnessed by the Kingdom to achieve a practical and technical scientific development in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.
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‘Ground Station Components’ Workshop for government bodies

A 1-day workshop was organized for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from Airbus Defense and Space, for an overview of ground station models, components, infrastructure requirements, major divisions, human resource requirements, operations and examples of earth observation ground stations in the region.
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‘Space Law and Governance’ Workshop

The NSSA, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, will work in the coming years on drafting the National Space Law for the Kingdom of Bahrain space sector in line with the Kingdoms laws and policies and international treaties and space …
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‘CubeSats, Remote Sensing and Data processing’ Workshop

The National Space Science Agency organized a workshop for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from German Orbital Systems, a provider of a wide range of space related products and services, based in Berlin. More details can be …
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