Bahrain is Shaping the Future of Space Science

NSSA engineers and technicians have published more more than 10 scientific papers in 2020, while work is underway to publish another 20 scientific articles this year in international peer-reviewed journals and international conferences specializing in the field of satellite construction and their applications, in addition to participating in conferences specializing in satellite applications. artificial intelligence in the field of space sciences, data spatial analysis and images.
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The First Bahraini Engineer in the Management of Space Mission Risks

Bahrain Space Team member, Amina Al Balushi, have successfully graduated after completing her educational and training program and obtaining a master's degree in systems management and engineering with a specialization in space science and technology from Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates. Her thesis focused on risk management in space projects. The training program provided Space Eng. Amina Al Balushi the opportunity to participate in building and designing several satellites, one of which is the "DhabiSat" satellite, which was launched into space in February 2021.
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As Part of the Bahraini-UAE Program, a Satellite will be Launched on 20 Feb

Engineers of the Bahrain Space Team together with space engineer from the UAE Space Agency and Khalifa University cooperated in designing and developing “Dhabi Sat”, a micro-satellite, which could not have been completed without the support of Yahsat Satellite Communications, in the United Arab Emirates, and Northrop Grumman International. The satellite is scheduled to be launched from the Wallops Flight Centre in Virginia, US, to the International Space Station on Saturday, 20 February 2021.
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Send and Execute Your Own Code in Space

In collaboration with Orbital Space company, the 'Code in Space' Virtual Competition was launched in the Kingdom. Students may submit proposals, and the selected submissions will be uploaded to a nanosatellite orbiting the Earth. The code will be executed by the satellite’s onboard computer and will be tested under real space environment conditions. The code executions test results will be transmitted back to Earth via a satellite ground station.
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Two Affiliates Shine in Microsoft International Hackathon

Two affiliates of NSSA shined in the Microsoft Energy Core AI Academy Hackathon, along with their team members from Khalifa University, clinched the third position during the global competition for finding new ways to harness machine learning techniques to identify methane emissions and leaks from satellite remote sensing data.
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Work is Ongoing to Launch the First Bahraini Satellite in 2021

CEO, Dr Mohamed Al Aseeri, emphasized that the fulfilment of the vision of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the country's beloved ruler, to bring Bahrain to the ranks of advanced countries in the field of space science in order to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development, is the essence of the Agency's work.
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Bahrain to Launch its First Satellite Before October 2021

Within the framework of his keenness and close follow-up on the work progress of Bahrain Space Team, H.E. Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Space Science Agency (NSSA), chaired a meeting that was attended by engineer Dr. Mohamed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director-General of the UAE Space Agency, engineer Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al-Aseeri, Chief Executive Officer of NSSA and a number of senior officials of both parties, together with Bahrain Space Team currently present at the sisterly state of the United Arab Emirates. The meeting reviewed the latest developments on the progress of the team's work and research projects, and on the challenges faced in their study of current circumstances with the aim of overcoming obstacles.
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A Satellite Laboratory at University of Bahrain

The Minister of Transportation & Telecommunications, recently made an inspection visit to the Satellite Laboratory at the University of Bahrain, which has been established in cooperation with NSSA.
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