The National Space Science Agency, in collaboration with Clever Play Education & Training, organize an online virtual educational competition targeting Bahraini students aged 7-12 years, to raise awareness about the importance of space science, applications and technology, as this competition will be a great opportunity for students to demonstrate and develop their programming skills as well as contribute to the development and creative thinking, in addition to achieving educational and recreational pleasure from home.

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO, stated that this competition is a valuable way for students to stimulate their innovation skills by designing a space exploration game using the award-winning MIT Scratch programming platform that requires mathematical thinking and the use of mathematics by including elements of real rover mission planning in order to create a space game of their own design. The competition also aims to encourage students to learn programming and acquire many basic skills and refine other analytical skills, as the student will finish the competition by acquiring very useful skills to face the challenges of the twenty-first century to deal with the rapid changes in various aspects of their lives, including Programming skills, critical thinking, problem solving, logical analysis, computational reasoning, and innovation skill.

Dr Al Aseeri concluded his statement by inviting students who meet the conditions to participate and invest their time during the summer in this interesting competition by visiting the website: Noting that the registration door closes on Saturday, July 25.

Additionally, the winners of the first three places will be announced with the conclusion of the competition, in which they will receive STEM educational packages, certificates and awards that will be an ideal start for their educational journey with a passion in the field of STEAM, while other participants will receive electronic certificates documenting their participation.