Capacity Building and Awareness

Capacity Building

  1. Promote space science, technology and applications at national level.
  2. Promote remote sensing applications for comprehensive and sustainable development and highlight benefits in many fields such as agriculture, urban planning, natural resource management, seas and coastal monitoring, disaster management, environment and more.
  3. Develop space research programs.
  4. Promote innovation in space related subjects.
  5. Develop national skills in a new sector in the industry regionally and internationally.
  6. Establish the foundation of a new space sector in the Kingdom.
  1. Establish relationships of cooperation with regional and international space agencies and centers for knowledge transfer, providing expertise, training opportunities and sharing resources.
  2. Organize and participate in local public events to promote space science, technology and applications in the Kingdom.
  3. Facilitate embedding educational topics and projects related to space and its sciences into the national curriculum.
  4. Organize space science activities for schools.
  5. Motivate higher education institutions to initiate research projects that contribute to strengthening national capabilities in space and related sciences.
  6. Facilitate Joint space research projects amongst higher education institutions.
  7. Organize public competitions, activities and workshops.
  8. Facilitate for scholarship programs in space education.
  9. Hands-on learning on space missions for fostering qualified professionals.
  1. Building national capabilities to create a prominent and excellent national space science foundation.
  2. Promoting space science within the Kingdom by disseminating awareness, developing advance research programs and by enhancing innovation to keep abreast of the development currently witnessed by the Kingdom towards a scientific and technological development commensurate with Bahrain’s 2030 Vision.
  3. Constructing a sound infrastructure for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development and for ensuring a leading position.

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