Represented by Dr. Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri, CEO of NSSA, and Dr. Mohamed Jasim Al-Othman, technical adviser to NSSA, NSSA participated in the DGI New Global Space Economic Forum, which specializes in defense and intelligence. The distant forum was held by invitation of the organizers.

On this participation, Dr. Al-Othman stated that the distant forum discussed the economic dimension of the concept of “new space” and its impact on the military and intelligence sectors and countries’ economic and military capabilities. The forum was attended by a group of decision-makers and thinkers in this field.

Dr. Al-Othman added, “The forum also discussed the transformation in the space sector, with companies operating in the space sector providing commercial services in the fields of satellite communications, satellite navigation and ground surveillance to various governments of the world and private companies with high accuracy and highly developed technologies”.

On the most prominent outcomes of the forum, Dr. Mohammed Al-Othman said, “The participants agreed that the coming years would witness a quantum leap in the space sector in several aspects, including the cost that will decrease in an unprecedented way, the technologies that will enable us to achieve benefits beyond the imagination and the amount of investments that have actually begun to increase steadily and is expected to jump from about $385 billion in 2020 to more than $1 trillion in 2030”.

DGI is the only large-scale annual meeting in Europe for military, civilian, and industry geospatial intelligence leaders.  It is the must-attend event in Europe for everyone involved in geospatial intelligence for public safety and national and global security.