The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) participated in the first virtual meeting of “Space Talk,” held by Dr Haitham Al Tuwaijri representing Saudi Space Commission (SSC) and hosted one of the former directors of Nasa, the American astronaut Charles Bolden. NSSA chief executive Dr Mohamed Al Aseeri emphasized that the participation in these meetings comes as part of the continuous efforts to raise awareness of space, its sciences and applications, and to define its importance among all segments of society.

About this participation, Dr. Al Aseeri said:

At the outset, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the brothers in the Saudi Space Commission for providing this opportunity to benefit from such distinguished scientific meetings, during which a group of distinguished experts are hosted. The National Space Science Agency has been keen to participate to enable its members to acquire more knowledge in the field of space, especially since the Agency has come a long way in raising awareness of the importance of space and its sciences at the national level, and that these efforts are continuing and will increase in pace in the coming years.

In his presentation, the American astronaut Charles Bolden gave many examples of the importance of space and the necessity of acquiring its sciences and mastering its applications to serve humanity.

Dr Al Aseeri explained that over the years, humans have witnessed space innovations that were once necessary to conduct outer space experiments, and how those have become very important in our daily lives today. Among the examples explained, was the water desalination systems and air filters which were based on the results of space innovations and the use of big space data in modern agricultural systems that are designed to serve environments lacking water and soil, and to combat desertification.

Dr Mohamed concluded his statement by stressing the need to take care of future sciences, including space sciences, in order to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable development renaissance so that the Kingdom of Bahrain will continue to occupy advanced positions among countries in all fields, God willing.