In the presence of His Excellency H.E. The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunication, Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohamed, and NSSA executive management, a memorandum of Understanding was signed with the Supreme Council for Environment (SCE) at the Civil Aviation Authority on 4th March 2019, for the purpose of placing a general basis of collaboration between the two entities in the space field.

The MoU was signed by Dr Mohamed Al-Aseeri, NSSA CEO and Dr. Mohamed Mubarak bin Dinah, CEO of the Supreme Council for Environment.

Signing the memorandum will allow both parties the exchange of knowledge and expertise in relevant areas, build capacity, share resources and undertake joint initiatives and projects.

Dr. Al-Aseeri added: “This MoU will potentially allow NSSA to obtain SCE assistance in conducting land and sea surveys for identifying relevant information for space images. It will also allow the exchange of useful satellite images for further processing to generate useful information in areas related to the work of the Supreme Council for the Environment.”

Dr. Mohammed Mubarak bin Dinah further stressed the importance of partnership with sectors related to the environment and sustainable development.

In this regard, Dr Al Aseeri highlighted some of the applications of satellite images that the Council could exploit relevant to its field, that include management of natural resources, irrigation management, soil mapping, monitoring of marine life, monitoring coastal waste and disposal activities and monitoring protected areas.

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