The National Space Science Agency, represented by Engineer Marwan Al-Meer, participated in the thirteenth edition of the Space Challenges Camp 2022, which was held in Bulgaria during the period from the seventh of August to the eighth of September 2022, and organized by the company “Endurosat” for space scientists and engineers from different countries of the world.

The camp, is one of the largest educational programs in the field of space science and technology in Europe, aiming to help youth acquire advanced knowledge and skills and inspire them to engage in scientific, technical and engineering professions and promote innovation and a culture of entrepreneurship in the high-tech and space sector.

The camp brought together a group of eminent experts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the European Space Agency (ESA), the California Institute of Technology, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, Oxford University and many other international organizations and institutions, where intensive lectures and workshops were organized to cover areas related to space engineering, space science, exploration, space device design, space physics and other space-related topics.

On his participation in the scientific camp, Engineer Marwan Al-Meer said “The experience is very fascinating for engineers who have a passion for space and want to surround themselves with international experts from the space sector. Furthermore, the experience of practical training and working alongside colleagues from different backgrounds and nationalities who strive to achieve the desired objectives of the program is a unique experience.”

During the camp, Engineer Marwan Al-Meer was able to complete the curricula related to the design of space devices, mechanical design, three-dimensional printing software, scientific computing, propulsion technology, astrophysics, orbital mechanics, space entrepreneurship, space law and regulations, and regulations related to frequencies, and designed, built and tested a model of a terrestrial space station within the team formed in the camp, within the objectives of the camp to find appropriate solutions to realistic and concrete challenges.

Al-Meer pointed out that the final project was the construction of a ground station to communicate with satellites. He said: “Thank God we were able to build a ground station capable of tracking satellites, receiving their data and sending them orders, and this project is closely linked to the work we are doing at the National Space Science Agency, and is a great technical addition to my expertise. This achievement undoubtedly reflects in a significant way the ability of Bahraini youth to achieve great results and keep pace with those with expertise in various fields, not only at the regional level, but also internationally.”

At the end of the training camp, Engineer Marwan Al-Meer was able to successfully complete all the graduation requirements and surpass his peers, achieving one of the top ten places in the camp, in which more than 30 participants from the elite from different countries participated which included Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Thailand and Kenya.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohamed Ebrahim Al-Aseeri, CEO of the NSSA, said: “What Engineer Marwan Al-Meer has achieved is a major achievement added to a series of honorable achievements achieved by the members of the NSSA in all their participations, where they keep in mind the achievement of pride for the Kingdom of Bahrain by placing its name at the top of the lists of success,” stressing that the Agency is keen to continue its training programs for its employees because training is an essential part of the Agency’s work system and is the most important way to keep pace with progress in space technologies and future sciences.

It is worth mentioning that the NSSA participates with its members in space camps dedicated to professionals, and the Agency, in coordination with the Ministry of Education, contributes to the awareness of the schools of the Kingdom of Bahrain, who have the opportunity to participate in international space camps for school students, as I have already announced a number of opportunities to participate in distinguished space camps during the last summer holidays.”