Join NASA and problem-solvers around the world to create your own projects addressing challenges facing Earth & space using actual data from space.

This year we celebrate 10 years of innovation and the Space Apps community invites YOU on Oct 2-3 for another virtual hackathon that is sure to be one for the books!

The 2021 Space Apps Hackathon welcomed over 28,000 registrants, across 162 countries and territories. Using open data from NASA and 9 partner space agencies, they tackled 28 challenges and produced 2,814 projects.

28 Sept 2021 – 1 Oct 2021

Online Registration through NSSA

2 Oct 2021 – 3 Oct 2021

Submit your projects for the Hackathon!

October - December

Judging and Announcement of Global Winners

“The NASA International Space Apps Challenge (Space Apps) is an international hackathon for coders, scientists, designers, storytellers, makers, builders, technologists, and others in cities around the world, where teams engage the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) free and open data to address real-world problems on Earth and in space.

For one weekend each October, participants from around the world come together over a 48-hour period to solve challenges submitted by NASA personnel. After the hackathon, project submissions are judged by space agency experts and winners are selected for one of 10 Global Awards.

Space Apps introduces problem-solvers worldwide to NASA’s free and open data. By using NASA data to solve each year’s challenges, Space Apps teams learn about NASA’s data, and share in the creation and application of the knowledge that results.

Space Apps also inspires collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Our mission is to leverage this interest to encourage the growth and diversity of the next generation of scientists, technologists, designers, storytellers, and engineers.”


  1. Create Virtual teams.
  2. As you create your teams and craft your solutions, please consider one of the 28 goals of the

More information on challenge winners is found on the following link.

  1. NSSA partners with NASA on the Annual Space Hackathon: BNA, DT