The National Space Science Agency organized a 1-day workshop for government bodies which was conducted by experienced staff from Airbus Defense and Space, for an overview of ground station models, components, infrastructure requirements, major divisions, human resource requirements, operations and examples of earth observation ground stations in the region.

Airbus Defense and Space, a leading company in the space industry, “has been helping to answer big questions from space and advance space exploration for more than 50 years. Supplying reliable systems that range from electronic components to full telecommunications relay platforms, scientific satellites and manned spacecraft, developing the technology to send spaceships to planets – Airbus provides solutions for customers and their programmes around the globe”.

The workshop was mainly intended to explain requirements to stakeholders for establishing NSSA earth observation ground station.

Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO commented “We are very keen to start this initiative to help us achieve his Majesty’s vision and fulfil one of NSSA goals “Responding to national requirements by providing space information and earth observation data that serve the comprehensive development process and contribute to advancing space science and the sustainable development of the Kingdom.”

NSSA will be completing this project in phases, starting from land preparation, then the construction of NSSA ground station facility, and finally acquiring a turn-key solution for implementing outdoor and indoor equipment along with capacity building.

Dr Mohamed Al Othman added, “NSSA will start with operating future-owned satellites and/or receiving information from a wide range of satellites.”

Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, NSSA CEO added “We believe engaging the stakeholders at an early stage is very important for the success of this project that is expected to start 2022, over 2 years. We are all here to learn from other leaders in the field and do hope you all gain the maximum knowledge from this workshop.”

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