Two employees of the National Space Science Agency (NSSA), Engineer Muneera Al Malki and Technician Shaima Al Meer, participated in a training program entitled ‘Foundations of Artificial Intelligence’, organized by the University of Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federal Republic, from 16th to 22nd November, 2020.

Their participation in this course was a result of NSSA’s keen interest to achieve the directives of His Majesty the King to give more attention to future sciences, including space sciences, technologies and artificial intelligence, and an effort on the part of NSSA to enable its own national young cadres to excel in such sciences.

The program covered several important topics that form the foundations of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, inductive and deductive learning, classification of machine learning algorithms, binary classification, logistic regression, deep learning and data processing techniques.

Both participants completed the graduate program successfully and obtained the highest degrees among other participants in the course. They graduated with the rating of ‘Excellent’ and became qualified for distinguished positions in such a specialized training course. They achieved the highest positions among a group of trainees specialized in this leading field worldwide.

With this excellent attainment, both participants affirmed that such distinguished achievement was a result of the major efforts, constant motivation and the true desire of the NSSA officials for establishing a sustainable space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. They expressed great gratitude to the executive management for their unwavering support of all employees. They considered this achievement as a part, though modest, of this beloved country, ‘which has opened the door for us to learn and develop, irrespective of the exceptional circumstances through which the world is passing. Bahrain always deserves even greater achievements’, they concluded.

For his part, NSSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mohamed Al-Aseeri, praised this distinguished achievement by NSSA participants, and evaluated their dedication to achieve such outstanding results during their participation in this training course, which was organized by a worldwide distinguished academic establishment. He expressed his wishes to the participants for continued success and for the participants of NSSA, further attainments and more scientific knowledge that will enable them to contribute to achieving the vision, message and objectives of the National Space Science Agency to ensure further flourishment and prosperity for the Kingdom of Bahrain.