Your mission is to create you own Mars exploration game using the very popular MIT Scratch programming language for a chance to win prizes this summer!

July 4

Participants Online Registration

July 25

Participants Submit Work

July 30

NSSA Announce Winners
  • Students will learn extensively about the planet Mars, use critical thinking and programming skills.
  • The top 3 winners will receive E-Certificates, Space Trophies and Hands-On STEAM Kits.
  • Nationality: Bahraini
  • Age: 7-12 years

Once completing registration, participants will receive an email with all the details to complete the game, including a short e-handbook and videos of examples and ideas of how to create space games.

  • First Place: Adam Al Nasser
  • Second Place: Bader Al Jaberi
  • Third Place: Abdulrahman Ebrahim

  1. NSSA announces the launching of the competition: Al Ayam, Al Bilad, BNA.
  2. Dr Al Aseeri: Motivating students to innovate by designing a space exploration game: Al Ayam.
  3. Announcing winners of competition: Al Bilad, BNA.