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Community Initiatives

NSSA believes in giving back to the community and consider outreach programs an opportunity to show the level of commitment and achievements towards meeting NSSA’s mission, objectives and goals. Furthermore, NSSA strongly believe it is socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the community.

NSSA’s main goal through community and outreach programs is exposing the nation to or educating them about the latest trends in space science, technologies and applications, discoveries and exploration activities, news and events locally, regionally and internationally, build NSSA brand identity and awareness for the services it provides and finally encourage individuals to contribute their creativity and capabilities towards this new field.

Community Initiatives at NSSA vary depending on the targeted community and many factors are considered such as age group, level of knowledge, type of event, target outcome such as space science literacy, achieving appreciation towards space science, technology and applications and many more. Initiatives take several formats, from dynamic interaction with the public, announcements of public competitions for the purpose of innovation and research in space science, technologies and applications, formal and informal education sessions.

Community Events


Work with two students enrolled at Bahrain Polytechnic (major computer science) on their industry project, to produce a three-dimensional animated space character, one for an astronaut and another for a satellite, using three-dimensional computer design programs.December 2019
Collaboration with University of Bahrain to hold a dialogue symposium entitled December 2019
Participation in the Forum organized by the Education and Training Quality Authority entitled November 2019
A memorandum of understanding was signed with Kallman Worldwide Inc. for the “Astronaut Al Worden Endeavor” Scholarship program, to secure a grant for 4 places for high school students to represent the Kingdom of Bahrain in the space camp that will be held in the United States of America in August 2021 and for a week. NSSA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, will nominate students, and the results of the selection will be announced at the Bahrain International Air Show BIAS 2020.November 2019
Printing of SEEK Magazine to be distributed to the Kingdom’s schools (primary stage), that has content on space science and its applications. The magazine printing was funded by the Gulf Petrochemical Industry Company.November 2019
Organizing for the local university students participation in the initiative of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) in cooperation with Airbus and the European Space Agency (ESA), in which students are to submit their proposals for experiments to be completed on-board of the International Space Station (ISS).November 2019
Participate in Bahrain Polytechnic Forum entitled “Women in Higher Education and Future Sciences”.October 2019
Collaboration with local partners (University of Bahrain, Cleaver Play, Batelco, Banagas, Steam Bahrain) to implement NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019 Hackathon for local university students to come up with innovative solutions in areas related to space science and its applications. The hackathon is a global competition in which thousands of teams participate to solve the challenges proposed by NASA engineers and scientists.October 2019
Conduct educational lectures at the Center for Talented Students of the Ministry of Education in the field of future and space sciences for the elementary, preparatory and secondary levels under the titles (robotics, welcome to outer space, a small astronomer), where educational brochures were distributed and projects were facilitated such as building models of satellites to enhance participants’ understanding of the scientific subject.October 2019 and December 2019
NSSA worked in collaboration with the Ministry of education, to identify all subjects and topics related to space and its sciences in the curricula and waysof improvement. September 2019
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Collaboration with University of Bahrain in arranging for a guest speaker from Satellite Vu, a satellite earth observation company focusing on environmental and business applications.December 2018
Participation in BIAS 2018 in the public and exhibition hall, for stands for space science, technology and applications literacy.November 2018
Collaboration with University of Bahrain in arranging for a guest speaker from Indian Space Research Organization “Dr Ananduri”.November 2018
Collaboration with Bahrain Polytechnic for initiating the Kingdom’s first Space Symposium.November 2018
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Participation in Youth City 2030 in collaboration with Ministry of Youth and Bahrain Astronomers Association, by organizing workshops dedicated to the space field.July 2017
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Participation in BIAS 2016.November 2016
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