In light of the continuous cooperation between the National Space Science Agency and the Kallman Foundation, following the MOU signed in 2019, four students have been selected in coordination with the Ministry of Education to participate in the annual international space camp, which will be held during the summer of 2023 in Alabama, USA.

The National Space Science Agency (NSSA) is dedicated to the advancement of space sciences and the education of Bahrain’s youth, hence NSSA’s involvement in the Endeavour Scholarship Program is a sincere attempt to encourage young people to pursue careers as engineers and explorers in the space field. Hence, NSSA is incredibly proud and excited to introduce Mission Team 9: Bahrain.

On the sidelines of the Bahrain International Airshow 2022, the names of the four students along with their mentor were selected to form the Kingdom of Bahrain team participating in the aforementioned camp were announced during a ceremony attended by H.E. The Minister of Transportation and Telecommunication, Mohamed bin Thamer AlKaabi, chairman of the NSSA Board of Directors, Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, CEO of the National Space Science Agency, Mr. Steven C Bondy, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Kingdom of Bahrain, and Mr. Tom Kallman, CEO and Founder of the Foundation, Mr. Yousuf Mahmoud, Director of the Bahrain International Airshow, Ms. Heidi Grant, President of Global Services for Boeing, and Randy Howard, Vice President of Lockheed Martin, in the presence of gathered dignitaries and industry professionals.

The celebration began with opening speeches and introducing the program, and then announcing the names of the members of the Kingdom of Bahrain team participating in the camp and handing them certificates of selection, namely Naser Mohamed Alqooti from Ibn Khaldoun National School, Maryam Khaled Alawadi from Sheikha Hessa School for Girls, Hasan Abdulrahman Hashem from Al-Naseem International School, and Lea Hamad Janahi from Ibn Khaldun National School, after reviewing the academic performance, English language skills and their extra-curricular participation for each of them. The success of the individual interviews to assess the personal and social aspects in coordination with the Ministry of Education and in accordance with the criteria set by the Kallman International Foundation, as these four students met the conditions of the program and excelled in their academic and extracurricular performance in all tests and interviews and demonstrated motivation, determination and desire to continue their studies in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

On this occasion, His Excellency AlKaabi, said: “This scholarship provides a unique opportunity for Bahraini students to expand their horizons, by providing an enriching experience that extends for more than a week in the space camp, and our partnership with Mr. Tom Kallman and his team confirms the Kingdom’s commitment and investments in developing the next generation of industry and space leaders, and international cooperation in this field. We are delighted that a second team has been selected to receive this prestigious award at the Bahrain International Airshow and commend the students for their hard work, outstanding attitude towards STEAM and further learning to engage in future careers.”

For his part, Dr. Eng. Mohamed Ebrahim Al-Aseeri, CEO of NSSA, said: “This participation is the second of its kind for students from the Kingdom of Bahrain in cooperation with the Kallman International Foundation. The Bahraini students team will also be accompanied by Ms. Amal Al-Binali, who has experience in the scientific and educational aspects through her work in various youth activities, in addition to her current work in the NSSA. All thanks to H.E Mr. AlKaabi, for his continuous support to the efforts of the Agency, and to Mr. Yousef Mahmoud, Director of the Bahrain International Airshow, for his efforts in completing all the requirements of this cooperation, and to the NSSA team for their distinguished efforts in order to complete this project.

Mr. Kallman further added, “Our partnership reaffirms the Kingdom’s commitment and investment in the development of our next generation of industry leaders, Space, and broadened international collaboration. We are delighted to have picked a second team to receive this prestigious award at the Bahrain International Airshow and commend the students for their hard work and explementary attitude to STEAM, further education and prospective careers. It’s a great honor and privilege to have known Al, as an ambassador for STEAM education and a personal friend. Al was one of the elite group of men to have travelled to the Moon and we continue to champion the initiative Kallman Worldwide launched in 2019. The Endeavour Scholarship offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will guide and inspire Bahrain’s team members.”.

It is worth noting that the scholarship, named for the late Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot Colonel Al Worden, USAF-Ret. and the Endeavour spacecraft, delivers a week-long scholarship to participants, who will be introduced to hands-on astronaut training experience at the U.S. Space and Rocket Centre’s renowned Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. The program aims to foster greater international understanding and cooperation, and inspire the next generation of innovators, explorers, and leaders in the global aerospace community.

As one of only 24 people to have flown to the Moon, and an active advocate for the future engineering workforce, in all disciplines, in communities around the world, Colonel Worden’s last visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, before his death in March 2020, was in 2018 where he joined the Kallman team in the USA Partnership Pavilion at the Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS) and made a number of school visits that inspired young students and encouraged them to follow STEAM education. It was during this visit that the collaboration between the Endeavour Scholarship and BIAS was confirmed and subsequently the first award was presented to a team of four students and one educator in 2020.

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