Calling on Bahraini student artists ages 7 to 12 years old, this is your chance to launch your talent all the way to space. You are challenged to give us a glimpse of our space future as YOU see it and put STEM into the picture by engaging your creative and critical thinking skills to produce smart space art.

Participants are free to go versatile and create as many inspirations and graphic references and combine manual work with digital refinements. No medium is off limits. Draw by hand, sketch or paint your way towards artistically unearthing the mysteries and magic of space.

17 August 2021

Participants Online Registration

09 September 2021

Participants Submit Work

15 September 2021

Shortlisting participants

19 September 2021

NSSA Announce Winners
  • Objectives of the competition are:
    • Promote awareness on the importance of careers in space.
    • Increase awareness about how art, design and space sciences are related.
    • Encourage children to engage in space science in fun ways.
  • Nationality: Bahraini
  • Age: 7-12 years
  1. Register online to participate
  2. Submit your work by September 9, 2021, in English or Arabic
  3. The digital submission should include the following:
    • Video in English or Arabic explaining your artwork
    • Artwork demonstrating competition purpose
  4. Receive a confirmation of submission

The Top 3 winners are yet to be announced !

  • First Place: Hobb Al Maskati
  • Second Place: Ali Khunji
  • Third Place: Dana Al Saffar
  1. Announcing winners of competition: Al Watan, GDN