Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri, CEO of the National Space Science Agency (NSSA) headed the Bahrain delegation participating in the meetings of the Arab Space Cooperation Group held on the side-lines of the Dubai International Aviation Exhibition, where the activities and meetings of the Arab Space Cooperation Group will continue over a period of five days, starting on Sunday 17 November 2019.

The event included several high-level meetings under the theme of (the Fourth Arab Space Dialogue). The discussions covered the organizing system of the Arab Space Cooperation Group, and the formation of specialized committees and working groups, as well as the Group’s participation in a number of relevant international forums and conferences, and a group of projects in the field of space, most notably the implementation of the Arab Satellite Project “813” and its complementary projects.

NSSA, represented by its CEO, also participated in the Arab panel discussion on space activities and national aspirations until 2030, the Space Technology Forum and the Women and Space Forum.

On this occasion, Dr. Mohamed Al Aseeri commented, “The Kingdom of Bahrain is an integral part of the Arab world, and its participation today in the Group’s meetings confirms its position. We look forward to contributing to it positively. It was a successful meeting, as many essential points were agreed upon – a matter which enriches Arab cooperation in the field of space. We are optimistic about this cooperation and look forward to contributing positively to it.”

Dr Al Aseeri further added, “The events, which NSSA participated in along with a select group of Arab scientists helped enrich the dialogue and provided a platform to introduce distinguished ideas that serve the Group’s current and future projects.” He commended the efforts of the UAE Space Agency to properly organize these meetings and events and expressed his appreciation of its efforts and keenness to ensure the success of all cooperation projects between the Arab countries in the field of space.

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