NSSA organized a presentation for talented students affiliated with the Gifted Students Center at the Ministry of Education on one of the most prominent Arab achievements in space exploration.

Entitled “The Hope Probe, Our Beginning to Go”, the presentation was delivered by Ms. Shaima Al-Meer, space data analyst at the NSSA. She started with an introduction on NSSA, its vision and mission and its most prominent objectives and projects. She also briefed the audience on the investment in Bahraini youth to create a base of experts in various space science. This was followed by providing simplified explanations of the most important future sciences and stating their relationship to space science and by encouraging students to pay attention to these sciences in order to keep abreast of future requirements.

The lecturer then moved on to the main topic and reviewed the Hope Probe project, which has become a tangible reality and a source of pride for Arabian Gulf citizens in particular and Arabs and Muslims at large. She highlighted the scientific importance of this project in terms of the information it will provide, which will be an invaluable resource for scientists worldwide.

The presentation was met with unprecedented involvement by the talented participants from among the students of the center. Their questions were distinguished by their high level of knowledge and a passion for learning.

The cooperation between the agency and Gifted Students Center in particular has been launched for more than 3 years. As many of the agency’s employees participated in the awareness and educational activities and programs organized by the center. This cooperation will continue to serve school students, and make them aware of space and its sciences, in addition to its applications that are considered to be the future science.

Ms. Shaima concluded her speech by thanking the people in charge of the Gifted Students Center, and the Ministry of Education for its keenness to provide students with the latest information, and raise their level of awareness around the field of the labor market, and the requirements of future science, appreciating them for the opportunity to present this awareness workshop.

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