The National Space Science Agency in collaboration with Clever Play Education & Training, recently closed the Children’s Online Innovation Challenge to design a human settlement on Mars.

The challenge was launched mid-August last year in cooperation with Clever Play Company and was restricted to Bahraini children between seven and twelve years of age. The competition focused on the exchange of ideas and professional designs to visualize a habitable shelter for humans on the Red Planet.

The task required the drawing of a plan and later creating an initial model compatible with the environmental and atmospheric conditions on Mars. Participating groups had to think carefully about the aspects that would ensure good human health and the provision of energy sources and energy generation on Mars. This included protection against the maximum temperature, sufficient delivery of food, water and air as well as appropriate hygiene facilities.

Out of over 40 participants that satisfied the conditions for entry, the top three places were awarded as follows:

  1. First place was won by Yousif and Malak Ibrahim
  2. Second place was won by Abdulla Bucheeri
  3. Third place was won by Lulwa Al-Hooti

The design made by brothers Yousuf and Malak was distinguished by its attention to detail and accuracy. It comprised all elements of the complete model together with solar farms, wind turbines and nuclear power generation as energy sources for the settlement. All participants were awarded with e-certificates for their efforts, while the winners were presented with educational trophies and other awards.

This challenge is one of various successful activities implemented by the NSSA during recent months as part of its ongoing commitment to communication with youth groups and involving them in space-related activities. The aim is for widespread education and awareness in the field of space. The NSSA will continue to inspire the next generation to concentrate on space sciences and to provide them with the various opportunities for prestigious and professional future careers for the service of their homeland, nation and humanity.