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Establishing relationships of cooperation on regional and international joint projects with space agencies and with technical, industrial and research organizations actively engaged in space science is an integral part of NSSA Strategic Plan.

NSSA recognizes the need to look for innovative ways to partner to continue the development of new space technologies internationally and fulfill national space programs in an attempt to achieve his Majesty’s vision, in the field of space science and related technology for the purpose of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development in the Kingdom.

As an emerging and young Agency, we believe our future success depends on those regional and international partnerships and that space has dimensions beyond national considerations, which can only be addressed along with international partners.

Since its establishment, NSSA have developed some important partnerships and collaborations (local and global), with leading organizations in the space field dedicated to advancing the goals of the Agency and world at large, as indicated below (in Alphabetical order):

Global Memorandums of Understanding

Local Memorandums of Understanding

Strong Collaboration

Partnership Objectives

Relations, whether bilateral or multilateral, with space agencies and space related bodies has many objectives, some of which are listed below:

  1. Strengthening ties between the partnering entities.
  2. Taking up new scientific and technological challenges.
  3. Refining space policies and defining international frameworks for exploitation and utilization of outer space for peaceful purposes.
  4. Building capabilities and exchange of experiences to derive benefits of space technology.
  5. Minimizing risk related to space debris and space objects.
  6. Stimulating innovation in the space field.
  7. Implementing bilateral/multilateral initiatives and projects.
  8. Spreading awareness and knowledge about space science & its’ various applications.

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Whether your organization is in space field or space industry, government, or academia, we welcome the chance to explore common interests, develop new relationships, and share expertise.

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