CEO Message Welcome to our journey in space

CEO Message and Welcome Speech

Since its inception in 2014, the National Space Science Agency (NSSA) has endeavoured to fulfill the provisions of the Royal Decree establishing it. To this end, it is guided by the Royal Vision to create its mission and to set its objectives. The NSSA is determined to patiently and confidently overcome challenges and move forward through optimistic phases, regardless of the immense and significant mission. The NSSA has assumed responsibility for achieving its objectives and for realizing great hopes and major dreams. The ultimate purpose is to place the Kingdom of Bahrain among countries playing an active role in space activities who are foremost in utilizing space diversified applications to enhance comprehensive development and ensure prosperity and well being.

Over its relatively short life, the NSSA has set up a number of objectives, including establishing rules and regulations, its first 2014-2018 strategic plan, and relationships of cooperation with stakeholders at both the national and international levels, including reputed space agencies and leading international companies. The NSSA has adopted a space general policy for the Kingdom of Bahrain and, subsequently, its new 2019-2023 strategy. It has announced its programs, the first of which is the formation of a Bahrain Space Team.

All these activities will contribute to establishing a sustainable national space sector capable of adopting initiatives and converting aspirations and hopes into tangible and real facts through an assortment of programs and projects.

I sincerely hope that this website will serve as an ideal interface for communication with stakeholders and community members from diverse academic disciplines. It will highlight the most important achievements and latest news of the NSSA and will shed light on the NSSA’s future programs and projects in various academic, research, and space fields. This will give site visitors the opportunity to gain insight into the NSSA and learn about the space sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Dr. Mohamed E. Al-Aseeri
Chief Executive Officer


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