About NSSA Learn our story and how we started

About NSSA

The Bahrain National Space Science Agency (NSSA) was established by a Royal Decree, with his Majesty’s vision “To promote Bahrain to a position of international prominence in the field of space science for the purpose of achieving comprehensive and sustainable development”.

NSSA’s focus is on harnessing space technologies for national development, promote space science and applications, develop advanced space research programs, ensure capacity building and create a new space sector in the Kingdom.

NSSA is working closely with ministries in the Kingdom, identifying their needs, and planning to provide enhanced space-based technology services for governance and development. It is also working with universities on exciting potential new space missions to advance research and development in space sciences.

NSSA Vision and Mission


Take Bahrain to a position ranking with developed countries in spaces science that enables achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.


Apply integrated initiatives and programs to respond to national requirements and to sponsor and develop space scientific technological activities, research and concepts for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development.

NSSA Values



Meeting national requirements through provision of space information and Earth observation data, which contribute to promoting science advancement and serves the integrated development and sustainable process in the Kingdom


Excellence in the services provided by NSSA, including expertise and space information, and securing a leading position for the Kingdom in space science and associated technological concepts.


Establishment of local and international cooperative relationships for implementation of joint space science projects.


Develop a dedicated culture and methodology for carrying out advanced scientific research by citizens to further promote their capabilities to come up with technological innovations and to support space science development in the Kingdom

NSSA Goals

  • Building national capabilities to create a prominent and excellent national space science foundation.

  • Promoting space science through awareness, developing advanced research programs and enhancing innovation, to keep abreast of the development currently witnessed by the Kingdom towards a scientific and technological development commensurate with Bahrain’s 2030 Vision.

  • Constructing a sound infrastructure for achieving comprehensive and sustainable development and for ensuring a leading position.

  • Establishing relationships of cooperation on regional and international joint projects with space agencies and with technical, industrial and research organizations actively engaged in space science.

  • Responding to national requirements through providing space information and earth observation data that serve the comprehensive development process and contribute to advancing space science and the sustainable development of the Kingdom.

  • Encouraging the Kingdom to become a party in international conventions and agreements of space science and associated technological concepts, and approving the principals regulating the Kingdom’s activities in leading outer space activities and utilizing the space for peaceful purposes.

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